“How did I

get to be

the parent

to these



 Is this a question you have ever asked yourself?

Kids often times leave us standing there with our jaws dropped. But what if the reason is consistently because they are trying to show us that they are more connected to their intuition than we ever remember being.

Come join us as we interview parents, intuitives, scientists, doctors, psychics and kids in order to explore the reason for the high intuition we see in our children.

Tara Soto Regester asks the questions about our intuitive relationship with our children, how we can help support families in the time they begin to pay attention to their child’s intuition and ultimately help them remember their own.

    Because I am always on the hunt to understand this journey with our children, I often times stumble upon some pretty remarkable resources. I am a strong believer in sharing things that will help us on our journey to happiness and helping our children. If you are interested in being sent additional resources, Please feel free to join the mailing list and I will send them your way as I come across them.