The Story

How Did We Get Here

If you are stumbling upon my page than I am sure it is a question you have been asking for some time and now you are in search for something. You might not even know what. Been there… still doing it.

If you are looking for credentials, I don’t have any. But that isn’t why you are here. You are here because we are going through something that is similar. Because you believe there is something deeper going on in your relationship with your children.

My name is Tara and in 2015 , I felt the same way. I was busy. So busy I couldn’t see straight. So busy and ticking off the days till my kids would be able to go to school full time and I could get myself back to the person I was before kids. But things didn’t seem to be panning out for us the same way it looked like it was panning out for others. Our son Dominic, who was 5 at the time, seemed to be a loose cannon. Blowing up and lashing out spontaneously at things like meeting a new a person or being in the presence of certain foods. He became very tenacious about escaping school and scaling the walls. The calls and notes came in everyday. For the record, it is hard to keep this short. Psychologist after psychologist began throwing out diagnosis’ but in the same breath admitting to not knowing how to help. And then a hard stop came when Dominic became suicidal in the beginning months of kindergarten. 

Desperate , I helped in the way I knew I could. We stepped out of the rat race and began to deeply explore every crevice of how we could have a suicidal five year old. In the grips of this, our two year old little girl named Eve seemed completely unaffected, because she was busy paling around with the spirits of our dead dogs and scaring babysitters off with her descriptions of “visitors” hanging out around our house. Something she had been doing since she could speak. Naturally, I thought that our old farm house was haunted, but after going to see a psychic the year before, I was told ” Oh no, your house isn’t haunted. It is your daughter. They like her.” But how could she have this ability?


Things got worse with Dominic and we decided school would be the first thing to put on hold while we were in a desperate search for help. We began taking Dominic for massages for his extreme headaches. And then something small was said. Something so small it could have been insignificant. ” He might be sensing all that energy in the waiting room.” That is all that was said. It was as if a bell rung inside of me. And I was in possession of my next lead. It lead me to a Reiki Master who explained energy and began to ask exact questions pertaining to how Dominic navigated the world. Questions that rang specifically true and as I answered “yes” to every single question, my belief in how I perceived my children and my world turned.

So here you and I are, finally meeting after a ridiculously short paraphrase of the last three years.

So, why are we here?

When this epiphany happened for me, the amount of questions I needed answered about our life was surprising. Questions I had an intuitive drive to find the answers too. The answers I got , did not all fit our situation, but darned if reading a specific book or talking to certain person didn’t help in some other way. Whether it be giving me a nugget of something that felt true or leading me to some other kind of resource about intuitive children. And mind you, I had difficult finding many. I wanted to ask people first hand what they knew about children and their intuitive skills .

      ” Is there a reason, I have two intuitive children?”

      ” Why are more children intuitive than adults?”

      “Do all children have intuitive skills?”

      “Why do children loose their intuitive skills?”

      ” Are my own emotions and resentments being felt by my kid?”

      ” How is my kid reading my mind?”

      “How can I help them maintain their intuition?”

The questions kept coming and the more I found out the more I noticed a change in myself. A massive change. Or maybe not a change at all, as much as I would call it a remembering of who I always have been.

So that is why I am here now? To ask more questions and share what I find about intuitive children and to make what we are doing available to those who need it for their own journey. To show what magic can happen when we follow our own intuition about the connection that might be the deepest connection we have ever known with another person. The connection between a parent and child.

    Because I am always on the hunt to understand this journey with our children, I often times stumble upon some pretty remarkable resources. I am a strong believer in sharing things that will help us on our journey to happiness and helping our children. If you are interested in being sent additional resources, Please feel free to join the mailing list and I will send them your way as I come across them.