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The Awakening Diaries- My First Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Intuitive Teens & Awakened Parents with Liz Throp of Psychic Kids United

The Awakening Diaries - Mercury Retrograde Cleans House

The Experience of Empathic and Highly Sensitive People With Bevin Niemann

Uncovering the Misdiagnosis of Highly Intuitive People with Therapist Andrea Largent

Growing Up to Be An Energy Worker & Numerologist - With Eleanor Gona

Parenting with the Law of Attraction with The Abundant Parent - Leah Recor

The Intuitive Connection with Plants, Nature and Humans - Interview with Libby Piper , Author of Honeysuckle Hugs

A Teacher of Intuition for Child & Parent - Interview with Donata Eigenseher

Trusting Kids' Intuition in Learning - Unschooling with Pam Laricchia

Stories from 30 Years with Intuitive Children - With Susan Gale

How Play is the Language of Children with Maude Le Roux

Highly Sensitive Children With Denise Dryden

Growing up Intuitive with Laurie Blomer - Crisis or Catalytic Event

How a Mother's Intuition Began

The Awakening Diaries - Spirit Junkie , Postpartum and Prenatal Depression

    Because I am always on the hunt to understand this journey with our children, I often times stumble upon some pretty remarkable resources. I am a strong believer in sharing things that will help us on our journey to happiness and helping our children. If you are interested in being sent additional resources, Please feel free to join the mailing list and I will send them your way as I come across them.